Instilling interaction and recognition to promote innovation

Award Decisions you can trust

Awards that are judged by peers in the risk industry. Not based on how much is spent on sponsorship or advertising but purely on contribution to the risk industry

Maximising individual contribution

Whether you’re a business or an individual, consultant or vendor.  Everyone can benefit from the reputation of being shortlisted for an award.  ROAR! - Recognising Outstanding Achievements in Risk!
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“We want to change Risk Industry Awards and recognise true corporate and individual contribution in the risk sector, we want you to be part of it.” 
Luke Taylor, Founder of The Risk Consortium & Risk Reward Awards

We are changing the face of Industry Awards


Providing factual and concise successes within the risk industry


Awards nominated by professionals and judged by professionals 


Complete clarity on award nominations and assessment


Promote and recognise individual and collaborative contribution


Demonstrate and grow expertise in the risk industry


Enhance innovation and thought leadership

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